Welcome to the Office of Takashi Matsuki, M.D.
Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist Chicago, Illinois

Our office provides psychiatric and psychological services to
patients throughout Illinois (Chicago, etc.).

Psychiatric Assessment

Medication Management


Welcome to the Office of Takashi Matsuki, M.D. in Massachusetts

Telepsychiatry services are provided by our office by web video conferencing for residents in Massachusetts (Boston, Amherst, Cape Cod, Medford, etc.), with which we offer bilingual mental health care in English and Japanese. Our Boston office also provides services such as diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders, psychotherapy, prescription of medications, among others.

Takashi Matsuki, M.D. Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist

With training in medication management and psychotherapy, Takeshi Matsuki, M.D. has become a board-certified psychiatrist to provide treatments for all kinds of psychiatric disorders. In Japan, he also trained formally in primary care medicine and gained extensive clinical experience. He moved to the U.S. after deciding to pursue a career in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Being an expert in both psychiatry and primary care medicine, Dr. Matsuki is capable of combining traditional psychiatric treatment with integrative medicine-based treatment for patients, in order to optimize the well-being of patients psychologically and physically as a whole.

Takashi Matsuki, M.D. Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist

Dr. Matsuki’s private practice offices are located in New York and New Jersey, and telepsychiatry services are also available in Washington, Texas, Georgia, California, Massachusetts, Alabama, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and Illinois.

Dr. Matsuki serves as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, while being on staff as an Attending Psychiatrist in the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program at Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital also located in New York City.

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Takashi Matsuki, M.D. Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist

Areas of Expertise

Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Psychosomatic Medicine, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Adjustment Disorders, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), Dysthymic Disorder, Emotional Disturbance, Bipolar Disorder, Nicotine Dependence, Dissociative Disorders, Food Addictions and other Compulsions, Impulse Control Disorders, Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Eating disorders, ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder), Sleep Disorders, Psychiatric symptoms due to medical conditions, Somatoform disorders (physical symptom due to psychological cause), Borderline Personality Disorder and other Personality Disorders, Stress and Coping, Identity Issues, Dementia and other Cognitive Disorders, Acculturation, Relationship Issues, Trauma, Work inhibitions, Conflicts with Creativity, Sexual Problems, Major Life Transitions, Grief

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Takashi Matsuki, M.D. Office

What is Telepsychiatry?

A type of telemedicine called “Telepsychiatry” provides psychiatric diagnosis and treatment by using video conferencing on the internet.

Our New York/New Jersey office could only provide telepsychiatry services in the New York Tri-State Area in compliance with the state regulations. Our office in Illinois, likewise, could offer telepsychiatry services only in the State of Illinois. Please note that telepsychiatry services are now available in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Washington, California, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and Illinois.

Please visit the websites of our New York/New Jersey office, Texas office, Georgia office, Washington office, California office, Massachusetts office, and Washington, D.C. office for more information.

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